Thought for today:

‘If an apology is followed by an excuse or a reason, it means they are going to commit the same mistake again that they just apologised for.’

— Amit Kalantri

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Fresh from a conversation with a client about how to apologise, this morning I listened to the podcast The Allusionist.

One of my favourites, all about words – their origins and how we use them.

And this week’s episode is all about how to apologise.

And how not to apologise.

The guests are from SorryWatch and

One point I really take note of is how we are not taught how to effectively apologise.

And we are not taught to accept vulnerability and humility.

We learn to apologise by watching others.

And if you’ve ever seen a politician apologise, you’ll understand why this is a problem.

So… I’m sorry for my actions and the offence they have caused.

Try this in a sentence today.


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