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‘Now I know what happens at a gig, I will be ready for it, next time–I will come in just a T-shirt and shorts and books, and fight my way to the front, like a quietly determined soldier, and then let the band take my head off. I want to walk into rooms like that every night, with a sense of something happening.’

— Caitlin Moran

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A friend asked me yesterday, “When will live music be back in the UK?”

Hard to say, but I think small gigs by June – maybe.

How I miss live music – not big mega-gigs, the small venue, lesser-known bands.

Sweaty pub rooms (usually upstairs or downstairs or both).

Paying someone a pittance to entertain you – something we took for granted.

And now those small artists struggle to survive, to let the creative shine, and hear our cheers and applause.

How I long for that shared discovery and mutual admiration.

Yes, I miss my family & friends, and I also miss live music.

Soon to be heard again I hope.

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