Thought for today:

‘Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.’

— Andy Goldsworthy

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Snow is falling and my childhood memories are evoked.

Like the winter of 1970 up in the Pennines with my Dad, when he dropped me in a snowdrift that was taller than me.

And I hit him with a snowball and he got mad.

And we went to Dinting to the fledgeling railway centre to see a steam engine (5596 Bahamas).

Looking out of the window as the world is cleaned up, I am also reminded of old Giles cartoons.

How he could draw snow as the absence of detail so brilliantly – I still have a collection of Giles annuals.

Finally, it’s nice to use a quote from Andy Goldsworthy, one of my favourite artists.

I highly recommend the two documentaries about his work by Thomas Riedelsheimer, especially Leaning into the Wind.

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