Thought for today:

‘Aleister Crowley once stated that the most important grimoire, or book of magical instruction, that anyone could ever conceivably own would be an etymological dictionary, and in my opinion he was exactly right.’

— Alan Moore

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I started my day listening to a podcast whilst exercising.

I have a love of words, and this podcast, “Something Rhymes with Purple” is all about words, origins and usage.

The tangled web of words and their origins is just so compelling to me, is it to you?

The way we use words in psychotherapy for instance, or in business, can be very powerful.

Yet English, with all its vocabulary and variations, is a living language.

Just as new words emerge (Brexit being the fastest spreading word of recent years), so old words die.

The Oxford English Dictionary never retires a word, but once it stops being used it becomes a zombie.

I am something of a word geek – a word coined by Shakespeare – or a nerd – a word coined by Dr. Seuss.

What’s your favourite word?

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