Thought for today:

‘Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.’

— The Fray

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Despite my love of music, it is not often I credit a band with a quote.

As all the band members own the copyright to these lyrics, to the song All At Once, I credited the band.

I have been mulling a difficult decision all week.

It is my way to just sit with the decision that needs to be made, to let it marinate in my mind.

I am confident I will come to the right decision, and then if it is difficult, I will deal with the difficulty.

My decision involves turning down some extra work, in saying “no” to someone.

Someone who will be disappointed.

The decision is between two organisations.

Saying “yes” to both is not an option.

I’m almost there.

And meanwhile, for the next two days, I am on a training course on Solution Focused Brief Therapy – my Level 2 training.

So plenty to keep my mind occupied whilst it makes a decision in the background.

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