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‘Everything is in an attitude of mind, and at this moment I am in a comfortable attitude. I will sit still and let the marvels and the adventures settle on me like flies. There are plenty of them, I assure you. The world will never starve for want of wonders, but only for want of wonder.’

— G K Chesterton

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Last night I went to see Sandi Toksvig in Oxford – not personally, but her live show.

It was a mixed bag of interest, curiosities, humour and wonder.

Sandi used the abbreviated version of this quotation, the final sentence, which is what is most often used.

We like brevity these days – short quotes, quick videos, simple messages.

Yet I feel that this denies the quote its full power, the context is important here.

Our sense of wonder can become lost in the noise of trouble and strife.

The world is literally burning – see what is happening in India for evidence of this.

Yet we must retain our sense of wonder because amongst the wonders we have yet to discover are things worth seeking out.

How to look after our planet; how to live together peacefully; how to sustainably feed ourselves; how to break the tyranny of employment by companies focused purely on the profit of their shareholders.

Retain your sense of wonder, from it will come innovation and solutions to our biggest problems.

You know what the alternative is.

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