πŸ“… Thought for today:

β€˜The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.’

β€” Dolly Parton

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We had some big rain showers and even a thunderstorm yesterday.

I had to walk into town to collect my car from a repair and picked my moment – it’s a 35-minute walk. I left in bright sunshine and the rain had started again by the time I reached the garage.

Yet along the way, I saw this magnificent sky (the one in the attached picture).

I took a quick shot on my iPhone as I walked along, and I look at it in wonder today. If you look closely you can see the top of what was the biggest wind turbine on the mainland.

I didn’t see any rainbows yesterday but there are always rainbows in the world – at least for as long as there are people and animals to see them. You see without someone looking, there is no rainbow.

Every rainbow you see is unique to you. For sure, those standing next to you can also see a rainbow, but in little ways it is different.

In our lives, rain will fall at times, it is unavoidable. Yet you have your own personal rainbow to find every time it does rain.

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