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‘Money probably doesn’t make you happy, but all I ask is the chance to prove it.’

— Spike Milligan

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There is so much financial pressure on families in the UK at the moment. Food prices are rising, and energy prices are rising even faster. Property prices have been rising, yet salaries have not kept track.

The entertainment sector was brutally punished through lockdown, and now is emerging at a time when people are finding they cannot afford to “go out” as often, or as expensively.

It is a time of great worry and anxiety for everyone.

The problem has been the rate of change – we don’t notice small changes over a long period of time – unless you are an investor using the compounding effect of investments.

Having to adjust your standard of living to a “new normal” so soon after the enforced isolation of lockdown is not doing anyone’s mental health any good.

For employees, who are quite often managed by over-promoted and under-trained managers, are re-assessing their life choices and saying to themselves that a complete reset is in their own interests.

Things do seem grim for many people, and if you are secure, and don’t need to make any adjustments, you are in a minority.

Hope comes for those that can reset their emotional response, and understand what they can control, what they can influence, and what they should just let go of.

This is what I do for some of my clients, and it is a source of fulfilment for me to help the hopeless to find hope in times like these.

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