📅 Thought for today:

‘No one has ever become poor by giving.’

— Anne Frank

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Today I am giving away twenty books.

For the most part, they are books I picked up along my training path.

These days it is hard to sell used books unless they are in demand (course books) or rare.

These are neither.

I’ve decided to sign up for BookCrossing and give my books a “controlled release”.

I have thousands of books, and I buy around 10 a week, mostly used, mostly on eBay.

I read a book and it references another and so I buy that.

The time and effort of selling these books might net me a few quid, but I’d rather they went to someone who wants them.

What happens after that is not my concern.

Check out BookCrossing dot com if you want to do something with your surplus books.

And by the way, it is extraordinarily hard for me to release any book!

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