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‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.’
— Albert Einstein
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As I sit down on a blustery and showery day to read my teaching manuals, ready for my next submissions for my teacher training, my mind wanders, and I see if I can recall the names of some of the teachers that have awoken my creativity and joy of learning.
I can’t remember all their names (which saddens me) so I’ll do my best, they would be proud of that!
Norman Howarth – a primary school teacher who introduced me to the joy of reading with John Christopher’s “White Mountains” trilogy.
Pete Holland – secondary school art teacher, who really knew how to “unlock the beast” and drive me to heights of creative drawing and painting.
Paul – secondary school maths teacher who unlocked my absolute love of maths so much that I went on to do a degree in it.
John Edwards – secondary school biology teacher – similarly inspired me and in particular my interest in animal behaviour and psychology.
Sadly I do not remember any of my degree teacher’s names, there were a few, but to be honest none so memorable as my photography teacher in my first-year elective, and I can’t remember his name either!
Conroy – my first mindfulness teacher, who also taught me to be a mindfulness teacher. The training itself was not great but Conroy was inspirational.
Mark Vanner – hypnotherapy and counselling, my first teacher in a new field and a wonderful man.
Gill Harvey – psychotherapy and counselling, steadied the ship after a prior teacher went a bit rogue, and did a great job of shepherding me through a difficult and life-changing couple of years.
Joan Wilmot – supervision, a lovely and inspiring person, taught me to slow down!
Robin Shohet – supervision, never let two Manchester-born rebels get talking together, pushed me and poked me to help me be a better supervisor.
Sarah Plackett – pottery and ceramics, help me rediscover my creative side and the joy of making things.
That felt good, to remember, acknowledge, and express gratitude. The final three have not finished with me yet!
Which teacher(s) inspired you?

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