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‘Wow, what a strange and amazing thing I am. What a bizarre living being I am. Life! I am life! I am a sea of water-bound inside this membranous pouch.’

— Jill Bolte Taylor

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One of my two tutors on my supervision training, Robin Shohet, recommended a book to the class called “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD.

I’ve been reading it this week, and this quote is from an early chapter, just as Jill has a stroke. That she is also a neuroanatomist and has been able to record (with the help of others’ recollections) the sequence of events from a fully functioning neuroanatomist through the stroke and its impact and then onwards to recovery is our gain.

The genetic arterial flaw in her brain, which lead to a massive bleed in the left side of her brain at the age of 37 left her struggling with all the normal left brain functions such as speech, sound interpretation, awareness of physical boundaries and much more.

She was submerged in a wonderful, ethereal, right-brain bliss of the moment. Floating in a sea of consciousness yet apart from reality.

We are truly amazing beings, and this short book is an amazing journey for one person uniquely positioned to both experience a stroke and explain, step-by-step, what happens afterwards.

My other tutor is Joan Wilmot, Robin is her husband, and I’m looking forward to our next three-day group class next week on the Seven-Eyed Model – seven lenses on the same situation.

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