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‘Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.’

— Peter Drucker

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I am passionate about teaching leadership and management.

I mostly focus on new managers. This is because established managers are not as self-aware as they could be and don’t believe they are the ones needing training.

I personally believe that workplace mental health increases as a result of training the managers to manage people not things.

I also coach executives in a broad range of industries, these are the ones who do want to change, grow, and learn.

Sadly, far too many managers are promoted to the role without training. Overlooking the obvious issue that it is a different job, with different skills and with bigger consequences for their employer.

Similarly, entrepreneurial founders must learn on the job, often the hard way, and at pace. It leads to burnout or high staff turnover.

I developed my own training course which has evolved and developed every time I delivered it last year. It is focused on new managers working in volatile and uncertain circumstances for companies that are growing rapidly.

This is probably the most difficult management environment to learn on the job because what happened last week does not prepare you for what will happen next week.

I have my first team for this training starting soon, and I have another one in the wings to start in March. Newer, fast-growing companies seem more open to enabling managers to succeed by training them.

I feel certain that the mental health of their employees will benefit too.

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