📅 Thought for today:
‘We are more likely to fail as craftsmen due to our inability to organize obsession than because of our lack of ability.’
— Richard Sennett
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Last night I met a friend, face to face, in her home.
That friend is a painter whose work has evolved tremendously during 2021.
Part of the reason to meet was to share our artistic experiences and journey, to celebrate if you will the continued learning and development journeys we have each been on.
What I found most interesting and inspiring, was viewing a series of paintings, only one of which the artist felt was a true expression of what she wanted to say. The others were all good in their own right, and the creation of one had drawn huge interest on Insta, yet one stood head and shoulders above the rest.
This, to me, is organised obsession.
I said last week that I had had an epiphany, and it was that my approach to writing has been all wrong.
It has been, for all of 2021, a thing I do when I’ve done everything else. I have to do work to pay the bills, I have commitments to fulfil.
The epiphany was that I am a professional writer who is not writing often enough, or with the necessary obsession, to really make this sing. I have 20 book projects documented waiting to be written. They come thick and fast. Yet they are unbought lottery tickets if they remain a project on a list.
This year I intend to change that.

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