📅 Thought for today:

‘There are people, who the more you do for them, the less they will do for themselves.’

— Jane Austen

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I am not quite sure why this Jane Austen quote came to mind today.

It is, I think, not related to my work. I help my clients do more for themselves, I am an agent of change, not the change itself.

It is probably connected to a conversation I had last year with a new manager, which I recounted this week.

He asked, “How do I stop my people asking me questions all the time?”

I suggested that if he stopped answering the questions, and asked ones of his own, they might find their own answers. A few weeks later he reported that they did.

This is not true for everyone, providing support and assistance is important work, so I take this quote to mean only that there are certain people who fit the bill.

Have you ever found this to be true?

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