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‘There are two worlds we live in: a material world, bound by the laws of physics, and the world inside our mind, which is just as important.’

— Alan Moore

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I collect graphic art and stories – known as comics or graphic novels.

I have many by Alan Moore, who is described as an occultist, ceremonial magician, and anarchist on Wikipedia.

I think his work is some of the very finest and he is often lauded as the best comic book writer alive today.

So it was inevitable that I would use an Alan Moore quote at some point, he is just too interesting not to.

I was thinking this morning about some client work I have done in the last few weeks where this world inside the head becomes troublesome.

Sometimes our minds tell stories to us, whisper in our ear, build images of things that are not real, and yet which scare us.

It is truly a fantastical world, separate from the “real” world around us.

Robin Shohet recommended a book about the impact our brain has on us – that it is not always working for us. I know we assume it would be. The book is called My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor. I have started it and feel compelled to recommend it if you are interested in the idea that our own minds can work subtly and persistently against our interests.

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