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‘I suppose the thing I’m quite pleased about is that I am, I would hope, a role model for girls and younger women who are thinking about doing science.’

— Prof. Alice Roberts

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Last night I went to see Professor Alice Roberts at the magnificent Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.

I am a huge fan and have been since she arrived on the set of Time Team as an osteoarchaeologist and started telling us amazing things from the bones found buried in the ground.

To coincide with the launch of her new book, the engaging Prof. Roberts took us on a tour of seven archaeological discoveries where we learned more about our ancestors from the bones.

Alice Roberts is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker, clearly knowledgeable and able to turn what some may see as “just a load of old bones” into something wonderfully illuminating.

I thought I’d look for a quote from Alice, and many of them revealed her interest in protecting our natural environment and our historical artefacts – to be expected and no less worthy.

However, I am struck by this quote.

With Dr Hannah Fry I think Prof. Roberts has made science and mathematics (my science) cool, interesting and worth pursuing. Especially for “girls and younger women”.

That they have both educated us in many things over the years and entertained us at the same time, is an absolute credit to them and their values.

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