📅 Thought for today:

‘Two facts related by time and place and not necessarily related by cause and effect.’

— Jeffrey Kluger

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For the first time since I started on April 13th 2020, more than 18 months ago, I did not post online today.

I was travelling in the morning and busy in the afternoon and by the evening I was tired and it didn’t seem right somehow to post one day at midnight and the next day at 8am.

So I chose a quote about cause and effect that seemed to fit with my feelings that morning and wrote about the experience of not posting for the book and the blog. This post however did not appear on LinkedIn and Facebook, the only one for which this is true.

Overcoming my impulse to correct this mistake at the time has been interesting.

This is a self-imposed “thing” – no one expects me to do these daily posts, no one will be critical if I don’t, yet I still feel that I “must” do them to keep the process going.

The initial feeling of cause and effect was related to travel by train!

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