📅 Thought for today:

‘I would like to champion diverse forms like graphic novels and works told in verse and diverse writers and illustrators and diverse authors as well.’

— Malorie Blackman

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My thoughts are turning to comics. If you collect them, as I do, then you will understand this includes graphic novels. They are all comics.

When I was a child, comics were the weekly Beano and Dandy printed on cheap paper and often with a colour cover and monochrome interior pages.

Things have moved on, and this weekend I’ll be attending the Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

My interest is moving from consuming to producing.

And if you know anything about me you will not be surprised to know that I am interested in using this medium in education for leadership, management and mental health.

Malorie Blackman by the way was the UK Children’s Laureate and using sci-fi and dystopian futures in her stories for children and young adults.

I’ll be posting from Kendal in Cumbria over the next few days and probably somewhat unreliably!


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