📅 Thought for today:

‘Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.’

— Christina Baldwin

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You know that I am writing a book, and you know I write these thoughts every day – and have done for 521 days (including today).

I also write in notebooks – in fact, I currently have 8 journals in active use.

Does that sound like a lot to you?

I have a daily 5 lines journal (it’s a 5-year journal too); I have an activity journal (daily); I have a process notes journal for client work (weekdays); I have a training journal for the course I am currently about to complete (Systemic Team Coaching – only when there is course activity); I have a to-do list journal (weekly); I have a morning pages journal (if you know The Artist’s Way, you’ll know all about that – daily); I have a gratitude journal – this is pre-printed and I complete something in it every few days.

And now I have a new journal.

This is my supervision journal. To date, I have tracked supervision I have received in my clients’ process notes, but today I start my formal process training as a supervisor for the helping professions. This will take 10 months and is in bursts – four lots of 3 days plus practical work and group work.

From today I will keep a supervision journal for the training and for my work as a supervisor.

It all adds up to about 1,500 words a day, I enjoy the process and the voyage to the interior.

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