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‘Being friends with anyone for 30 years is no easy task – people change, they drift apart, they move on.’

— Alana Stewart

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There are people I have known, and stayed in touch with, for thirty years or more. How many of them are friends? Who do I really know, and who really knows me?

I have reflected on what has changed for me and within me during the past eighteen months.

My work moved online from the moment the first UK lockdown was announced. My client base went increasingly international, to the point where around seventy-five per cent of my day-to-day work is with overseas clients.

I have changed as a coach from the training course I conclude next week after twenty months (Systemic Team Coaching).

I have changed as a therapist and a counsellor as a result of my ongoing training and just from experience.

I have changed after taking a teaching qualification – I’m waiting to hear whether I have passed and can move on to Level 5.

I have changed as a result of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” – I’m glad because some things have changed forever thanks to the book & program.

Tomorrow I start training as a Supervisor. I have already done some work in advance, and that has changed me – as a person and in my working practice.

So if I have changed in all these ways, it is only reasonable to expect that my friends have also changed. In some cases, we will have moved apart and in others, closer together. I’ve also made new friends along the way.

I’m OK with that. It happens.

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