📅 Thought for today:

‘Sunday, the day for the language of leisure.’

— Elfriede Jelinek

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It’s Sunday, a word that instantly conjures up images of relaxed inactivity.

This being a bank holiday weekend, tomorrow is also a day off, this particular Sunday is especially relaxed.

I put on a playlist on Spotify of songs with word Sunday in them.

Old friends like U2 and Foo Fighters appear, and old memories like Blondie’s Sunday Girl.

For those in the know, I completed my first week of morning pages, in fact, this week on average I have written about 1,500 words a day, an increase.

This is a day of rest though, so some baking and yoghurt/froyo making, some telly and some drawing.

Nothing else, I am back to work from Tuesday, with some new clients starting and a new training course later in the month.

I hope your Sunday is all you want it to be.

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