Thought for today:

‘Our actions are like ships which we may watch set out to sea, and not know when or with what cargo they will return to port.’
— Iris Murdoch
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My month-long step-back from work is coming to an end.
I didn’t give up working entirely as I was responding to requests that seemed important and fitted my calendar.
I did give myself space to think, learn, create, read and write.
Most importantly to me, I gave myself the space to complete the literary agent’s submission document ready for pitching to agents next month, guided by my book coach (Helen Pollock) and enabled by my support group (Byte The Book).
I’ve also explored thinking spaces and I will acknowledge that I have been heavily influenced this month by Robin & Joan Shohet, Edward De Bono, David Cooperidder, Irvin Yalom, Carolyn Spring, Julia Cameron and Brian Bilston.
Their work has nudged and guided me in new and exciting ways.
I end the month with a different cargo than I expected (as Iris suggested).
I am already determined to keep the process going, whilst not losing sight of the need to keep “the business” going in ways that accommodate my new direction.
I reflect back on a month of reflection and I’m surprised where I ended up.
And happy.

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