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‘People say I play real loud. I don’t, actually. I’m recorded loud and a lot of that is because we have good engineers. Mick knows what a good drum sound is as well, so that’s part of the illusion really. I can’t play loud.’

— Charlie Watts

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As a team coach I often end up describing the differences between groups and teams.

When we talk about bands, like The Rolling Stones, and call them groups.

I’ll contend they are teams – they produce something together that they cannot make on their own.

They communicate and hold each other accountable.

And they have an acknowledged and shared purpose.

And didn’t The Rolling Stones make an impact on us – whether you like their music or not?

I didn’t grow up with the Stones on the radio, my parents were Beatles fans and said The Stones were too loud.

That, of course, is why I grew to love them – to oppose my parents and because I loved loud music.

I admired Charlie for many things yet one of the most notable is that he stayed married to Shirley from 1964 until his death yesterday.

I always thought of him as a gentleman drummer.

RIP Charlie Watts.

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