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‘Take half, leave half.’

— Hatidze Muratova

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Alone with my thoughts for a while on a Sunday morning, I realise I am still thinking about a film I watched two weeks ago.

The film is “Honeyland” directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov.

It is a simple observational film about a wild beekeeper in Macedonia (the bees are wild, not the beekeeper).

Yet that simple description does not do justice to an allegorical film about our attitudes to our land, our neighbours and the corruscating effect of greed.

Beautifully shot, without commentary, what started out as a documentary of a way of life disappearing before our eyes, has become something else.

Hatidze Muratova is the beekeeper, living a simple life with her mother in the hills of Macedonia, and her simple, preserving mantra of “Take half, leave half” ensures the continuation of the supply of honey for bees and for people.

I found it deeply moving and I recommend it, I think there is deep and valuable learning to take from this film.

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