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โ€˜The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.โ€™

— Ernest Hemingway

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What is your attitude to trusting strangers?

Are you sometimes surprised when strangers trust you?

I have always taken the approach that I will trust everyone until they prove me wrong.

For many years I have developed a strong network and used it to connect people. I don’t do it for reward (although a few people might get better at acknowledging the help).

I’ve trusted the people in my network and the vast majority have recognised that trust and acted with integrity.

For me, this works. I think it can work for anyone on a personal level.

Governments normally work on a different basis, one where they assume that people are not to be trusted and have to be told what to do.

So I wonder what outcome we are all expecting in England when the responsibility to wear a mask and stay apart is handed to individuals – will they consider only themselves or the greater good?

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