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‘I’ve made a career out of being able to talk about difficult things, and that comes from growing up in an environment where nothing was embarrassing.’

— Jess Phillips

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Jess Phillips is a politician I can really believe in.

I do not envy her in this social media world, the abuse she receives online is appalling.

She is not alone of course, we seem to accept that online abuse is in some way “normal” and we can’t do anything about it.

Jess Phillips is the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley (self-identifying as socialist) and speaks a lot of common sense.

She is the shadow minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding and has worked in services supporting abused women.

Her views on many things are forthright (yay) and seem to me to be common sense.

Yet anytime she makes a statement that gets into the public domain she is trolled and called “fat” and worse.

She said once that she likes taking on Twitter trolls because she is smarter and faster than they are.

She shouldn’t have to.

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