📅 Thought for today:

‘Saying nothing sometimes says the most.’

— Emily Dickinson

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In a recent team coaching assignment, one of the team members said something remarkable.

“Silence is not good in a team”, so he filled the silence whenever he could.

As a coach and a therapist, silence is one of the most powerful tools in a client session.

Sometimes a client will say something that surprises, shocks or challenges them.

They hear their own words and then silence ensues.

They play the words in their head repeatedly and contemplate the implications and meaning.

This process takes time, and they are unaware of how long.

Minutes of silence is not unusual.

The last thing they want is me speaking and breaking their train of thought.

In a team setting things are said and processed in a similar way.

Silence is an essential part of communication – whether in a team or one-on-one.

Or even when we are on our own.

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