Thought for today:

‘Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.’
— John Quinton
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Yes, my thoughts are filled by the paper’s stories about a four-week extension to the end of lockdown restrictions.
Personally, I don’t think it makes a huge amount of difference to me.
I am however disappointed for all the live events (music and otherwise), pubs and hospitality owners, staff and all the people whose hopes have been dashed at the “last minute”.
Of course, there is a pragmatic view that says we should ensure safety.
I am hoping the stories are wrong.
Although I am not in a rush to head out just yet, I do miss casual, social interactions and friends.
If it is delayed, then I hope it is just once.
Meanwhile, nice, warm, sunny weather will make most of us feel a little better.

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