Thought for today:

‘Actors are all about entrances, but writers are all about exits.’

— Vincent H. O’Neil

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I read the obituary of Peter Terson today.

A name that probably means little to many people, especially outside the UK.

Terson wrote the play “Zigger Zagger”, the first newly commissioned work by the National Youth Theatre.

It was first staged by the NYT in 1967.

My all-boys school, which converted from a grammar to a comprehensive, also staged it in 1974.

It was a co-production with a local girl’s grammar school – and it was the first time I “discovered” girls.

For weeks on end, the players rehearsed, played and fell in love.

By the end of the production, most of the boys were dating or had dated, most of the girls.

It was a formative time for us all, in our early teens, and happier than we had ever been.

Reading the obituary, and discovering how much more influential work Terson wrote, brought back some memories.


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