Thought for today:
‘Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.’
— Dale Carnegie
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A week full of management training.
I have 52 “students” in five groups at various stages of their training.
The questions they ask are entertaining, illuminating and educating (for us all).
The most common question of all is, “How do I deal with difficult people?”
To which the obvious question is, “Why do you find them difficult, when do you notice, and what do you do to manage it?”
We might add, “What is going on for this difficult person?”
There are always people in the workplace who take out their frustrations and fears on those around them.
More often than not this is the managers.
Turning managers into leaders is my passion – not always possible, not always desirable.
Learning to recognise and manage our own emotions is tremendously valuable and yet not easy.
I like to say that I don’t teach, I enable learning to happen, as best I can.
And as noted previously, I am learning all the time.

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