Thought for today:
‘There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.’
— Carl Jung
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I have had several sessions this week where Jungian ideas have been discussed.
This quotation in particular resonates.
I remember being taught “all change involves loss, all loss involves grief.”
Sometimes, the anticipation of the emotion that goes with a change can prevent us from changing.
We want to change yet fear the process and emotional fallout.
When the present “pain” has been accepted then sometimes the change loses its attraction.
As a counsellor I do not tell, fix, direct or criticise.
I work with my client and seek to understand what it is they want my help or support with, and whether I am able (competent) to do this; whether it is ethical; and whether I am acting in the best interests of my client.
The very fact that they are with me voluntarily is enough of an indication of motivation for change to work with.
They have accepted that there is light worth moving towards.

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