Thought for today:

‘Our judgments, like our watches, none go just alike, yet each believes his own.’

— Alexander Pope

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I think one of the hardest things about being a counsellor is recognising your own judgement.

We try to be devoid of judgement in our work, to give our clients a safe space to talk.

I am wondering whether this has made me more alert to judgement in everyday life.

Certainly, I seem to notice it more.

Recently I was told “you can’t do that, it’s not right” – about my work.

I found myself trying to understand the origin of this statement, to explore what was going on.

To recognise that difference of opinion is a good thing.

I wanted to explore the ways in which “this is not right” might be relevant to me.

I have read many times that “media” has polarised us, made us less tolerant of other’s opinions.

And more sensitive to judgement.

Is this true? Or is it that we get to see so much more of what has always happened?

I think that when one of the greatest English poets wrote these words in the early 18th century, he was observing our propensity for the judgement of others and their opinions.

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