Thought for today:

‘When you go to change a lightbulb, it offers no resistance. This is not the case with people or the world.’

— Marty Rubin

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Several times this week I’ve had conversations about relationships.

The kind where people have fallen out with friends, colleagues or family.

Where the desire for reconciliation is not high enough, or the commitment to change is too low.

Motivation = desire x commitment.

Wishing things to be different and yet not being willing to change is always going to be a challenge.

Letting go of a sense of hurt, or injustice, or “wrong” is not easy.

But it is within the power of an individual to do so.

To move on, letting go is required.

I have read that you have to forgive to move on.

I’m not sure you do, you just have to learn to let go – if that involves forgiveness then so be it.

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