Thought for today:

‘Perhaps as writers, we too should embrace the concept of wabi-sabi.’

— J A Pak

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I am having a creative day, interspersed with normal weekend “stuff”.

Wabi-sabi is in my mind today because I have a picture block on my desk with those words on it.

To remind me that perfect does not exist, that transience, imperfection and impermanence can be beautiful.

It is sometimes hard to translate from Japanese to English as the words bind a concept or principle.

The literal translation of the words doesn’t help, so from Wikipedia, I will use two definitions.

One is “natural simplicity” – natures way may look flawed but is in its own way “right”.

And “flawed beauty” – a thing will always have flaws and is beautiful just as it is.

However you choose to interpret it, I am having a wabi-sabi creativity day.

Whatever I create will not be perfect, will be flawed, and will be mine.

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