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‘Reflection is the ability to examine, to observe, to look at, to review, to evaluate, to interrogate, to assess, to question and to own our own thinking.’

— Michael Carroll

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It is a requirement of professional psychotherapy and counselling practice that I have a clinical supervisor.

It is certainly recommended for coaches too, although less common.

The supervision relationship is not one of “boss”; in fact it is quite hard to explain simply.

The supervisor ensures ethical practice, the safety of the client and the safety of the therapist.

Yet there is more to it – mentoring, shared learning, “mirror” and more.

In the “helping professions” there is a pyramid of support holding all practitioners in this way.

Supervisors have their own supervisors, and therapists, and clients.

And when things don’t go quite right for a practitioner, there is a support system for them as well.

I meet my supervisor every month and really look forward to the sessions.

I met him this week. and he listened to me reflecting on a month of practice with clients.

Reflective practice in this way is such a powerful tool for learning and self-development.

So much so I have started building it into my training work as well.

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