Thought for today:

‘There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.’

— Thomas Aquinas

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I read an article yesterday which suggested that what we miss most under lockdown is not our true friends and family.

It is the casual friendships.

The people we get to meet occasionally, or by chance, or through an introduction.

People we develop a friendship with not based on deep understanding and relationship.

We seem to have worked hard to stay in touch with close friends and family.

Yet our opportunities for casual friendship have been reduced or removed.

And this is the piece of the social fabric that we almost unknowingly miss.

I think this is very true, certainly for me, and maybe something like Clubhouse can help us make casual connections.

I am not a fan of the landgrab, influencer, “look at me” brigade on Clubhouse.

But I am a fan of ways to de-isolate people.

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