Thought for today:

‘No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.’

— Peter Drucker

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The thing that I like about this quote is that I am working on a set of workshops about management and leadership.

At the heart of much that I have read has been Peter Drucker – and I am a fan (in moderation).

So to use one of his quotes when I am learning more about him and management in general feels just right.

This is a big undertaking for me and I started by trying to work out what I don’t know that I need to know.

I would call this the Rumsfeld test – you’ll either get that or you won’t!

Pulling together diverse theories of management & leadership books.

And combining them with activities, reading and thought pieces.

I am learning so much – some of which I wish I’d been taught 30+ years ago!

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