Thought for today: 

‘Life hardly ever lives up to our anxieties.’

— Paul Monash

Oh, how true.

I recently ran some Mental Health in the Workplace workshops.

We explored the most common Mental Health issues that can arise at work.

In my experience, Stress and Anxiety are the most common, although I see the full spectrum in my work.

Anxiety of one form or another (and there are plenty of forms) probably accounts for at least fifty-percent of workplace issues I see.

For those, like entrepreneurs, working in volatile, high-pressure environments, anxiety is the norm.

The threat of existential crisis in work, combined with the same in our own time, compounds the effects.

Anxiety feeds on anxiety and grows.

And yet…

Read the quote again.

Things are rarely as bad as you expect them to be.

Finding that small ray of light that represents hope can be a turning point for someone.

If you don’t need one, perhaps you could help someone else find theirs?

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