Thought for today:

‘Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing. ‘

— Tom Peters

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I am heading into a four week period of intense activity around training and workshops.

Most are team, management and leadership related.

And thanks to technology and a lockdown, the clients I am delivering to are scattered.

Whether in England, Scotland & Wales over the next two weeks, or the USA, Ireland and Central Europe, the themes are common.

How do you become a good manager, a good communicator and a good leader?

This is a space I love to work in, my most recent and current training is specifically around coaching teams.

In a company setting the effectiveness of teams is the effectiveness of the company.

And new, fast-moving, nimble companies are most ready and willing to adapt and change as needed.

I am learning so much from working with my clients, and this Monday morning this excites me!

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