📅 Thought for today:

‘You can observe a lot by just watching.’

— Yogi Berra

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I work up this morning and knew I had to find a Yogi Berra quote. I don’t know why but I listen to my instincts.

My thoughts were on a recent client session where we discussed how useless one-line inspirational quotes actually were, and how hard the “work” can be to make changes in what we do, think, and feel.

I wanted to illustrate the point with a quote that was supposedly helpful (“Be happy” springs to mind), and somehow, I was drawn to this.

There are a lot of Yogi Berra quotes, some are profound, some are funny, and some look funny but actually contain a truth.

Slowing down and actually observing what is happening is not a new theme for me, yet a lot of the work I do starts with “noticing” which requires “being present” and actually paying attention to what is happening.

Sometimes making small changes is very difficult, and a one-line quote won’t help.

Or maybe it will.

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