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‘After every storm, the sun will smile; for every problem, there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.’

— William R. Alger

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When we are in emotional distress, we try to assuage the pain.

We share our misery with others, or we try and shift it to them.

We storm and rage, making others feel uncomfortable, scared or resentful.

Finding “good cheer” in moments like these feels impossible.

I know. I work with clients feeling this way every day.

Storm Eunice is blowing around outside my home office right now.

The house shudders and shakes, the roof tiles rattle and the wind moans.

It made me think of the ways in which people signal their distress to others, and how it has a habit of pushing them away when actually they could be enquiring about the wellbeing of the storm.

If you are in the UK this morning I hope you stay safe.

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