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‘If you’re defensive, you defend what you have, but you get nothing more. You don’t get bigger.’

— Rege-Jean Page

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Have you ever come up against someone who is defensive – maybe because they feel attacked, or feel fear that they might be wrong?

What are your thoughts in that moment – do you push back, do you give up, do you dig deeper?

I’m curious about this, it is something that has come up with clients in the past, something I have experienced, something I have done.

It is the nature of my work that I seek to understand what motivates people to behave the way they do – if I feel negativity towards someone, then I explore my own feels, and explore theirs too.

I think it is human nature to be defensive – most often driven by existential fear. It has clearly served a survival purpose in the past, but I’m wondering if it serves other useful purposes today – such as feeling safe?

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