📅 Thought for today:

‘Cheese is milk’s leap toward immortality.’

— Clifton Fadiman

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Tempting though it is to let my thoughts meander over UK politics and a small earthquake, or the impact of Omicron on everyday life and anxiety levels, that is not what I am thinking about this morning.

I am thinking about cheese.

I have had three deliveries of cheese from different suppliers in the last 24 hours. Fourteen pieces of cheese, much variety in taste, texture, source and milk type.

Not just for me, there will be four of us over the best part of a week.

I must secretly admit that I hope there is plenty left over.

No cheese in our house lasts long enough to be immortal!

There is something just wonderful about chiller packed boxes of fresh-cut cheese wrapped and labelled. Small treasures and jewels dug from the shredded cardboard like an archaeological dig.

My biggest treasure amongst them is a big wedge of Kaltbach Alpine, my cheese of the year, discovered thanks to a charming cheesemonger at Booths in Kendal.

I get mine from The Cheese Society, I highly recommend you try it, and if you find another source please let me know (other than directly from the creamery in Switzerland – I know about that option too).

I will of course have to test the cheese this weekend to assess its condition – it’s a hardship but I’ll do the right thing.

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