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โ€˜Don’t believe every thing you think.โ€™

— Byron Katie

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I’m still reflecting on the process of supervision training, still mulling over things.

Byron Katie’s The Work was mentioned several times, and I had previously explored it.

I think this week I will use several of Bryon’s quotes because there is resonance and synchronicity for me.

Threads are weaving themselves together. There is resonance with Julia Cameron for instance.

Training as a therapist changes a person, and I think immersing yourself in supervision also changes a person.

This quote sums up conversations I regularly have with coaching and counselling clients. It is easy to say “don’t believe” something – and this often relates to core beliefs – yet you need a process to get there.

Byron Katie has one, most people in the helping professions do.

Before you start using it with other people, you need to use it on yourself.

I am comfortable that working on my thoughts and beliefs with the support of my own therapy and supervision relationships, I am moving in the right direction for me.

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