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ā€˜I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if Iā€™m going to learn, I must do it by listening.ā€™

— Larry King

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I’ve started my holidays with the intent to read every day.

Yesterday I read a complete book, although I have to admit it is only 25 pages long.

It is “Active Listening” by Carl Rogers and Richard Farson.

A bit dated and simple in style, yet a message that is powerful and forms the basis of my next course.

Active Listening is a skill that includes people in a conversation rather than shutting them out.

If your company has a Diversity & Inclusion value or policy then it should be teaching Active Listening.

And if you are a manager, then active listening will help you coach people to their full potential and satisfaction.

Yet how often do we even hear the term, let alone teach it?

Perhaps it is misunderstood (“I know how to listen”).

More likely it is undervalued (“How can listening make a difference?”)

It goes far beyond the business world, Active Listening will improve all your relationships, whatever state they are in now.

That is a bold claim. I believe it and I’m committed to helping anyone who wants the skills to learn them.

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