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‘Every choice comes with a consequence. Once you make a choice, you must accept responsibility. You cannot escape the consequences of your choices, whether you like them or not.’

— Roy T Bennett

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How does love affect our clarity of vision, our sense of purpose?

Our ability to make decisions?

What are the most important things in our lives and how far will we go to defend them?

What might shake that unshakeable belief?

It is very sad to see seismic events in another person’s life in the public arena.

Yet I am more concerned about the impact on 6 children and two spouses today than I am the impact on two lovers, one of whom is a minister in public office.

As Sir Walter Scott wrote, “O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

That which motivates us to action can also be our undoing.

Fake business man with clipping path

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