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‘Admitting you struggle with depression is like admitting you can’t reach your bootstraps. It’s assumed that successful people can just “shake it off.”’

— Brad Feld

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It is Mental Health Awareness Week.

I have already heard (from a therapist), “it’s mental health awareness week every week”.

Well yes, that is true in a way. The point is about bringing the topic back into the spotlight.

And raising awareness of the support that is available.

A turbo-boost if you will to what we do every other week of the year.

I work as a therapist and a coach mostly with entrepreneurs and the people that work for them.

The awareness of entrepreneurs, their investors and their teams of the importance of good mental health practices is rising – we should celebrate this and encourage more.

I would like to see more investors educate themselves, more advisors recognise the signs of mental injury and more teams take mental health awareness training and learn to support each other better.

Shaking off depression is like shaking off a broken leg.


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