Thought for today:

‘Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.’

— J K Rowling

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JK Rowling’s early life is well documented, in 1993 she is reported to have felt like a failure. With a failed marriage, dependent child and no work.

Yet she managed to see this as an opportunity to write, famously writing in coffee shops in Edinburgh for the ready availability of coffee and the opportunity to help her daughter sleep by walking – and no doubt the warm comforting buzz of the cafe.

When working with people who have started their own companies, some of whom are admired and respected for their success, I am often struck by the events that started them on the entrepreneurial road.

More often than not this is some trauma, injustice or cathartic event which freed them to pursue a passion or dream.

Having nothing to lose changes your mindset.

I would not encourage anyone to pursue rock bottom consciously to find a foundation on which to build.

For those that feel they are already there, I would ask, “What can you build from here?”


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