Thought for today:

‘Manchester is in the south of the north of England.

Its spirit has a contrariness in it — a south and north bound up together — at once untamed and un-metropolitan; at the same time, connected and worldly.’

— Jeanette Winterson

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Synchronicity happened today.

I read in the Sunday Times about the “Big Freeze” – the winter of 1962/3 in Britain when rivers froze.

There was an overnight frost for nearly 12 weeks and heavy snow fell.

I lived through it but don’t remember it.

Then as I started writing in my office, the first song on my playlist was “Life In A Northern Town” by The Dream Academy.

The song contains the lyrics:

He said, “In winter 1963
It felt like the world would freeze
With John F. Kennedy
And The Beatles”

And I was reminded that I am a son of Manchester, the City of Industry and contrarian spirit.

Home to Oasis, Joy Divison, The Fall, Stone Roses, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, New Order, Elbow, 808 State and many more bands.

It is part of who I am, and I realised I needed a Manchester quote to carry me through this Sunday.

So this is it.

PS – The Dream Academy were from London and the song was an elegy to Nick Drake – who wasn’t a Northerner either.

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