… but probably will anyway!

1. “The numbers are conservative”

Of course they are. They are a guess. So make them realistic not pessimistic/optimistic.

2. The entire product brochure/manual with long lists of bulleted features

I want to hear more about the market and how you will address it than I do about the offset of the flange sprocket from the slave shaft.

3. “Exit is a trade sale or float”

If I can cut & paste your text into someone else’s plan unchanged you have a problem.

4. “We only need 0.0001% of the global market to be profitable”

Please look up the term “variance”

5. Your 6 page CV

Wow. Not.

6. A guaranteed return

I will ask you to contractually underwrite this by securing your home as a PG.

7. There is no competition

Either you don’t understand your market, there is no market, or you’re going to create the market. None of these is good news.

8. 10 year financials

If you are out by 20% each year, what does that mean for the numbers in year 10?

9. Huge salaries for management from the start

I’d love to make you secure whilst you gamble away my money on your dream.

10. Tpyos

We alll maek tehm, teyh re a tacf of life, but a prof read wont go amiess

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